According to homeopathy, applying a topical cream on a skin problem may resolve the immediate problem on the skin, but also might drive the root problem deeper into the body, suppressing its expression. This could create additional problems such as asthma, migraines or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The best answer for curing skin conditions, according to homeopathy, is to cure from the inside out. This requires a remedy that addresses the whole person and brings the body into better balance. While curing the underlying issue, homeopathy will also treat the painful symptoms of skin conditions such as acne, eczema, sores, hives, psoriasis, rashes, shingles and warts.
Acne is an internal disorder caused by an increase in hormones, usually during puberty. Antimonium tartaricum may be helpful for acne filled with pus that is tender to touch, with bluish-red marks that remain on the skin after active infection has passed. Belladonna is useful during an acute flare-up where pus formation hasn't started and acne looks fiery. Calcarea carbonica gets a response if a person with frequent pimples and skin eruptions is easily tired, craves sweets and eggs, and is overweight. Hepar sulph is appropriate for treating acne filled with pus and painful to touch. Pulsatilla is indicated for those with menstrual abnormalities. Silicea (Silica) helps those with long-standing acne and low immune resistance. Sulphur works for those who have itching, inflamed eruptions with reddish or dirty-looking skin.
Eczema is a chronic, allergic skin irritation characterized by an itchy, flaking rash. Arsenicum album is a remedy for those whose skin is dry, itches and burns intensely. Scratching can make the itching worse, and applying heat brings relief. Arum triphyllum is useful for eruptions on the lower part of the face. Graphites gets a response when tough or leathery skin cracks and is sore. A golden oozing discharge hardens into crusts. Mezereum works for intensely itching eruptions that start as blisters, then ooze and form thick crusts. The patient also craves fat. Petroleum is indicated when skin is dry and cracks, often bleeding, and is worse in winter. Rhus toxicodendron is a remedy for red, blister-like eruptions that itch intensely, and when the person craves cold milk. Other homeopathic remedies that might be prescribed for eczema include Antimonium crudum, Calcarea carbonica, Hepar sulphuris calcareum and Sulphur.
Canker sores are ulcerated mucous membranes, especially in the mouth. They tend to break out during times of stress and often result from allergies or nutritional deficiencies. Borax assists when canker sores feel sensitive and hot and acidic foods may be irritating. Mercurius solubilis works for bleeding gums, a swollen coated tongue and offensive breath. Natrum muriaticum is indicated for pearly sores in the mouth. The mouth feels dry and the tongue may tingle, and the patient craves salt and has a strong thirst.
Herpes simplex (HSV) is a virus that causes cold sores around the mouth and genitals. An itching or burning sensation often precedes an outbreak. Apis mellifica helps stinging pain and swelling. Cold compresses are soothing. Dulcamara helps if sores appear when a person is coming down with a cold. Natrum muriaticum sometimes stops outbreaks if taken during the early, tingling stage.
Hives are raised, red bumps on the skin that are extremely itchy. When severe or recurrent, they require professional attention. For homeopathic treatment, use Apis mellifica. If they get better, try Urtica urens.
Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory, non-contagious skin disorder that creates scaly patches with defined borders that often are itchy. Psoriasis is caused by an overreaction of the immune system. Homoeopathy works by optimizing the body's defense mechanisms and restoring the body's balance rather than suppressing the overreaction. Treatment for psoriasis takes time and patience to improve the condition.
Rashes are often caused by contact with an irritating substance, such as poison ivy plants and cleaning products. Viral causes include roseola, rubella and measles. If possible, the cause of a rash should be determined and removed. Homeopathic remedies can soothe the inflammation, itching and discomfort. These include Anacardium orientale, Apis, Belladonna, Bryonia, Graphites, Ledum palustre, Natrum muriaticum, Rhus toxicodendron, Sepia, Sulphur and Urtica urens.
Shingles is a viral infection that causes painful blister-like eruptions along the course of nerves. Outbreaks near the eyes require conventional medical attention. Apis mellifica may be chosen for swollen eruptions with stinging, burning and itching. Clematix assists with burning, blister-like eruptions. Itching is terrible, and made worse by washing or contact with cold water. Iris versicolor is the remedy when the patient has burning sensations in the stomach with nausea. Ranunculus bulbosus helps with intense itching on the ribcage with bluish blisters.
Warts on the fingertips or face that are fleshy and bleed easily respond to Causticum. Soft, irregularly shaped warts with splinter-like pains may benefit from Nitric Acid. Large, cauliflower-looking warts that bleed easily respond to Thuja. Thuja also works for flat plantar wart, as does Antimonium crudum.
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